iV&L mentioned at #TranslatingEurope Forum 2016

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Marie-Francine Moens will give an invited lecture at the #TranslatingEurope Forum 2016 in Brussels organised by the European Commission on the topic of Deep Learning for Machine Translation and Machine Understanding, mentioning topics such as cross-modal translation as a test for the machine understanding of language, and learning world or common-sense knowledge from visual data as future research direction to harness multimodal representation of actions and events to improve language understanding by machines, which will help machines further on the way to potentially mimic human contextual adaptation.

The aim of the #TranslatingEurope Forum, run by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation, is to spark conversations between different sides of the translation community in Europe, this year with a focus on translation tools and technologies. As Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) boom in many domains of machine cognitive processing, including Neural Machine Translation,which recently became the state-of-the-art technology in machine translation at the same time begging the question whether pattern recognition is all we need to render meaning properly from one language to another.

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  1. Mert Kilickaya

    I’m a first year PhD. student at QUvA Lab, The University of Amsterdam (UvA). QUvA Lab is a collaborative effort between Qualcomm and UvA, which is directed by Max Welling, Arnold Smeulders and Cees Snoek. My research interest is at the intersection of vision and language. Specifically, I am interested in developing visual representations that can be utilized for image captioning, visual question answering and visual dialogue systems.

    I’ve attended V&L summer school 2 times before and It was a great experience. I would like to join again!

    Thanks a lot in advance for your interest.

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