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ACM-Multimedia Workshop

Gavin Gunter News

“Vision-Language Integration meets Multimedia Fusion” 16 October 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands The European Network on Vision and Language Integration organises a workshop …

Multilingual Deep Learning

Gavin Gunter News

iV&L members Aylien explore how global social media opens up new opportunities and possibilities for integrating multilingual deep learning: …

Training School 2016

Gavin Gunter News

We’ve had unprecedented demand for our Summer School placements and now all available places and reserve list places are full. …

ENLG 2015

Gavin Gunter News

We are pleased to be co-hosting the 15th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation to be held at University of …

Imagga partners with Aylien

Gavin Gunter News

iV&L Net participant Imagga, has partnered with Aylien – a natural language processing platform.  The partnership will make it possible …

1st Workshop

Gavin Gunter News

We are pleased to announce the 1st Workshop on Natural Language Processing in Image Management: Application of Integrated Models (IMNLP …