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The European Network on Integrating Vision and Language (iV&L Net), along with the EPSRC Network on Vision and Language, sponsored the Workshop On Vision And Language 2014 (VL’14), which was held in the Helix in Dublin City University, Ireland, on 23rd August 2014. The workshop was part of the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2014).

The call for papers for VL’14 was issued and widely distributed in May 2014 and elicited a good number of high-quality submissions, each of which was anonymously peer-reviewed by three members of the 18-person programme committee. The interest in the workshop from leading NLP and computer vision researchers and the quality of submissions was high, so we aimed to be as inclusive as possible within the practical constraints of the workshop namely that it be held within one day. In the end the Program Committee accepted 14 submissions as long papers, and 8 as short papers.

The resulting workshop programme packed a lot of exciting content into one day. We were delighted to be able to include in the programme a keynote presentation by Alex Jaimes of Yahoo! Inc., an internationally leading vision researcher. The technical programme combined seven oral papers, seven long poster papers and seven short poster papers. Before the poster session commenced we had a “poster-boaster” session where each poster was given a 1-minute slot to outline the poster, and attract an audience.

Some thematic clusters among the papers/posters at the workshop emerged: combined text and image processing (Nguyen et al., Sakaki et al., Jones et al., Zhang et al., HaCohen-Kerner et al.), image description, annotation and labelling (Elliott, Liparas et al., Wang et al., Jokinen and Wilcock), data set creation (Weiland et al., Le et al., McGuinness et al.), situated dialogue (Summers-Stay et al., Schütte et al.), video analysis (Bhat and Olszewska, Shrestha et al.), aids for visually impaired people (Safi et al., Belz and Bharath), and visual analysis supported by text/speech features (Anbarjafari and Aabloo). It was good to see such a wide range of topics which fit squarely within the remit of the iV&L Net COST Action

The programme also included a discussion session on future directions for the VL community and workshops, including plans for shared task competitions.

The full VL 14 conference Program is available here and the Workshop Proceedings were published online by the  Association for Computational Linguistics at and are indexed by Google Scholar among others.