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iV&L Net Training School: Vision and Language Integration in Cognitive Robotics

4th September, 2017 - 6th September, 2017

The 3rd Summer School on Integrating Vision and Language (iV&LSS 2017): Vision and Language Integration in Cognitive Robotics

The 2017 Summer School on Integrating Vision and Language is the third in a series of Summer Schools aimed at bringing together Vision and Language researchers and to provide the opportunity for cross-disciplinary teaching and learning. The aim is that each summer school will providing a comprehensive body of information and learning materials about data, methods and applications in Computer Vision, Language Processing and their intersection, focusing particularly on the integration of vision and language processing.

The particular focus of iV&LSS17 will be Vision and Language Integration in Cognitive Robotic Applications. Through lectures and hands-on sessions, the summer school will cover the needs and challenges in this newly emerging topic, as well as the related state of the art, involving both science and technology.

Highlights from the Programme

Highlights will include:

Lecture tutorials and practical sessions by:

  • Luciano Fadiga, University of Ferrara and Italian Institute of Technology: Introductory Lecture on “Vision-Language Integration in the Human Brain”
  • Raffaele Tavarone, Italian Institute of Technology: Hands on Session on “Visuomotor and linguistic features in Automatic Speech Recognition”
  • Yezhou Yang, University of Arizona: Introductory Lecture on “Vision-language Integration Challenges and Needs in Robotics” & related Hands on Session
  • Yiannis Aloimonos, University of Maryland: Advanced Topic Lecture on “Latest developments in combining Cognitive Vision and Natural Language Processing”
  • Vadim Tikhanoff, Italian Institute of Technology: Introductory Lecture on “Vision and Language Integration in Cognitive Architectures for Robots” & related Hands on Session
  • Katerina Pastra, Cognitive Systems Research Institute: Introductory Lecture on “Vision and Language Integration for Knowledge Representation”
  • Dimitris Mavroeidis, Cognitive Systems Research Institute: Hands on Session on “Using the PRAXICON multisensory, referential and recursive Semantic Memory”
  • Kevin Murphy, Google in Mountain View, California: “Towards machines that perceive and communicate”

Workshop-style components:

  • Research Presentations
  • Student Session


  • Social programme including tours of Athens and dinner


To see the full programme click here

To register for a place (and optionally to apply for a trainee grant), please visit: https://ivl-net.eu/ivl-net-training-school-2017/

The Trainee Grant

Trainee grants do not necessarily cover all expenses related to attending the Training School.  The Trainee Grant is a contribution to the overall travel, accommodation and meal expenses of the Grantee.

Accommodation and meal expenses:

The amount afforded for accommodation and meal expenses for this Training School will be a flat rate of EUR 160 per day. This is awarded only for the days of the Training School (i.e. not for travel days).

Travel cost zones (indicative rate for economy return flight tickets):

Travel grants differ according to region, as follows:

Zone A: Greece (not Athens) – 100€

Zone B: Balkans and Turkey – 250€

Zone C: All other countries – 350€

Please note – The total Grant awarded to each eligible Trainee cannot exceed EUR 870 (this includes the flat rate day rate for accommodation and meals and travel costs).


4th September, 2017
6th September, 2017


Katerina Pastra


Ionic Center
11 Lysiou Street
Athens, 10556 Greece
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