Flower knight girl scenes

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Every now and then, I see Balloon Vine standing alone. She's always looking up at the sky and deep in thought. She then reaches up and has a look of yearning. I got curious enough to ask, and that's the answer I got from her.

You've been staring at the sky for about an hour now. Balloon Vine: Eh, no way, I've been looking at it for that long? Danchou-san, are you free? It appears I have some time. But I'm more interested in why you want the sky, Balloon Vine. So I was hoping you'd explain your fascination. Balloon Vine: Want the sky Such a poetic expression. But, maybe you're right. I'm always thinking about how I could fly. It's easy to say, but hard to do. Within the Flower Knights, there are some that can float in the air using magic. But from what you're saying, that's not what you're after, right? Balloon Vine: Yes.

I don't want to float, I want to fly. I'm always thinking on how to fly freely through the sky.

Flower knight girl scenes

I've asked my smarter friends and we've tried many things But, it's no good. Of course it's not so straightforward to fly. There's still something I'm missing, and then some more.

Flower knight girl scenes

I think it's always better to have more knowledge and experience, but Balloon Vine: In order to fly, the first thing is that you need to be light! I can't fly if I'm heavy! But I'm Balloon Vine's shoulders drop in defeat. As well as having plump breasts, she's quite a glutton. Balloon Vine: I was thinking of going on a diet, but it's no good. A Flower Knight's mission is busy and tiring, so I'm always hungry! Balloon Vine cradles her stomach regretfully. Nothing is more tasty that the food you eat after you get home tired. Besides, fighting is hard work. You need to build a body that can fight against the pests.

Danchou-san, what should I do? At the least, starving yourself isn't good. You're also exercising properly. Saying that, if you do nothing, you'll get fatter. If you eat a healthy diet that doesn't make you fat, you should be able to lose weight efficiently. Balloon Vine: Y-you're right! There are many tasty ingredients in this world that you can eat without getting fat!

I understand, thank you Danchou-san! If there was a menu that didn't make you fat when eating it, the other Flower Knights wouldn't be able to keep it quiet. In other words, it hasn't been discovered yet. Balloon Vine: Well, if it hasn't been found yet, we need to find it! Will you help me out, Danchou-san! Balloon Vine rejoiced. It won't raise the spirits of just flower knight girl scenes, but all of the Flower Knights. I tell her I'll help her in any way I can.

That's how it was decided we would look for dieting ingredients in order to fly. Will we succeed? It has been decided that the first step for Balloon Vine to fly is to find ingredients that will help her diet. That's a good thing in itself.

Flower knight girl scenes

An unreasonable diet, such as skipping meals, is a problem, but if there was a way to eat delicious food and still lose weight, then we should look for it. But, I don't think there are any such foods. A lot of information has been gathered from Flower Knights, but it was still difficult in the end. Of course, eating a nutritionally balanced diet and exercising properly is still the best. Balloon Vine: Then, why am I so heavy!? I've been eating the same amount of food and doing the same amount of work as flower knight girl scenes else after all!

You should also worry about that, Balloon Vine. That's how you could lose weight, but don't overdo it now. Balloon Vine: UU, 'you should eat your vegetables', or 'Carbs are the enemy' or something I already know that. But, if it's delicious, I'll end up eating it. But I always exercise Her shoulders drop, and her large chest shakes. Just as I worry about her I read it in a book at the library. I started to look in cookbooks for edible herbs Then I moved on to historical cooking and alchemy books.

Balloon Vine: It was written in an old book, but it's an interesting custom from a certain tribe in a foreign country. They have a habit of eating 'insects' there. According to the records, they're very nutritious. Balloon Vine: No no no, that's not the case! What I'm trying to say is that tribe found a way to eat even insects. You can eat anything depending on how it's cooked, right, Danchou-san! There's a strange look in her eyes. She's too deep into her dream of dieting. I try to persuade Balloon Vine that there must be a better way.

Balloon Vine: Th-there must be! I'm sorry, I was so absorbed in losing weight, that I went a bit crazy. Uuu, I don't really want to eat insects In order to get closer to the sky, we should look at all possibilities from all directions.

Flower knight girl scenes

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