How to get your wife to cuckold you

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Home Forum. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Is it Really Cuckolding? 5 Introduction What does it take to be a cuckold in sex? And how do you get there without becoming a cuckold in your relationship and in life? Becoming a cuckold is a one-way road. You may have already made steps towards it or just fantasized about it.

This book will help you get there regardless while saving you from some common mistakes. Once you cross the threshold and become a cuck for your wife, there is no turning back. Taking things from fantasy to a reality is a new beginning for both of you. If you feel ready to take that challenge then you want to be fully prepared for what is coming. I have to make clear upfront that this guide is not erotica.

This is a nuts-and-bolts guide to the process, pitfalls and hopefully, pleasures that you and your wife will face how to get your wife to cuckold you you both work toward making your fantasies become a reality. If some of the language seems a bit dry that is because it is. Becoming a cuckold requires technique and knowledge. Sure we will talk about dildos, about cock locking and even bisexual cross-dressing cucks. But this is so that you are fully aware of your options. The other man is typically referred to as a bull. Cuckolding comes in a variety of levels. There is no limit to the cornucopia of sexual activities and identity roles that can be established between a couple when they are both ready and willing.

Bulls come in different types and shapes. We will cover these later when you need to find the right bull for your wife and you. For some cucks, masturbating while thinking about your wife is enough. To know whether you want to take the fantasy to the next level or not, you should stop after you are done masturbating when you are completely spent and think about whether you want your wife to be with another guy or not. If the answer is still a resounding yes, then odds are, you are a cuck. 6 We all have fantasies that we play out in our imagination, but for many of us, the idea of going through with them is a stout no.

Being a cuck, is much more than just sharing your wife with another man. Humiliation and being forced into a submissive role may work wonders for your sex life as a couple. The idea of being mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically tortured by their wife is the foundation of the fantasy.

Unfortunately, asking from your wife to switch from looking at you as the dominant sexual partner to thinking of your as the submissive one can be too much for her to handle. The good news is that with time, and the right strategy, you can increase your odds of getting your wife to cuckold you. Why Cuckold to Begin With?

How to get your wife to cuckold you

Most of the time a man becomes a cuckold without ever even trying to. One day he learns that his wife has been having an affair and he weighs out his options on what to do next about it. If he loves her deeply enough he may be willing to simply hold onto the relationship despite knowing that she is looking somewhere else to get her sexual needs fulfilled. The degree of cuckolding is determined by how far she has gone with the other man. Is she only seeing him for sex?

Odds are that she is also finding a certain degree of emotional and mental connection with the other guy. Many men will draw a line here and break up. For a cuck though, it is simply another hurdle that he must overcome to show his undying love for his cuckoldress.

How to get your wife to cuckold you

In fact, many of the men that find themselves in the position of preferring to be a cuck in the bedroom are men that are on top of the careers. Often, a cuck is a very intelligent man to the point of being headier when it comes to the things that turn him on. In many ways, being a cuck only outwardly shows that the man is in the submissive position. By giving up his daily identity as an executive powerhouse, the cuck is demonstrating that he is so confident in his ability to provide unwavering love for his wife that he can hand her over to another man.

By allowing a bull to take over, the cuck may sense a certain aspect of control over the infidelity. Part of playing out the cuck role is that all control over the sexual situation is completely lost. If the wife chooses to allow the cuck to take part in sex with her bull than it is up to her. She controls to what degree the cuck can achieve sexual satisfaction. Though, through this loss of control, the cuck will most certainly enjoy the emotional and physical torture of not being able to be dominant.

7 Is it Really Cuckolding? Some will reportedly argue that simply by wanting your wife and discussing with her, the notion of cuckolding you are pulling away from the true definition of cuckolding. With such a potentially dangerous introduction to your lovemaking, does it fully matter on whether you initiate no matter how subconsciously your desire of being a cuck? Make no qualms, there is a distinct difference between being a cuck and just having a threesome.

In a threesome, you are all three actively involved, with you playing a role that might be submissive, yet remaining equal. In a cuckolding relationship, you are going to be left completely at a loss of control.

How to get your wife to cuckold you

Your wife gets to decide everything. From the bull that she chooses to whether you even know anything about it or not. Of course, you will know on your own that your wife is cheating on you but whether you get to know the details or not are completely up to her to decide. In this type of relationship, she may invite you to watch, or even decide to film it so you can watch later. Your role as a cuck is to essentially sit in the backseat of the relationship in term of sex. For some men, like most people, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

It is important to realize that there are several different types of cucks out there. The gradient of cuck experiences is much more of a spectrum than a simple definition. You may find yourself able and willing to travel the scale of cucking over time but will most certainly find yourself already on one side how to get your wife to cuckold you the scale. Let us go over, in more detail, some of the different types of cucks. For some, letting her know would ruin the fantasy. Be happy, and cuck on. 8 Types of Cuckolding Rookies to cuckolding, play close attention to these next few sections.

You need to know exactly where you stand in terms of what you want from the cuckolding affair. Be aware, though, that many times a man starts off at one level of being a cuck only to lead into further developments of how far the fantasy goes. Sometimes, and you may be one of these cuck couples, the husband also has sex with the bull. This is perhaps the ultimate level of being a cuck. Whatever your level on the spectrum of cuckolding, know that this fantasy is more common than you think.

The of men that manage to convince their wives to go along with cuckolding is not high. However, with the help of some of the pointers I will give you, along with a further understanding of what you want from the experience, you will have much better chances to fulfill your fantasy. For how to get your wife to cuckold you type of cuckold there is no requirement to actually see his wife having sex with another man. The mere thought of her being the center of attention by another male is enough to stimulate the sort of longing that this level of cucking portrays.

For many men, cucking starts at this level and is a direct result of finding out that his wife has been cheating on him. Guys that are at this stage of cucking tend to be more of the submissive type. Eventually, he learns that the only way he is going to be able to keep her as a wife is to go along with the affair.

It is also important to realize that many times the wife at this stage will also do as much as she can to deny her husband of any sexual pleasure. She already has moved on to bigger and better at least better sex with somebody else. 9 It is natural even for the cuck to wonder why his wife is cheating on him. Is it because he is boring, is it because he has a small penis, or is simply because she wants to prove that she is the dominant one in the relationship?

Regardless, the cuck is left to figure that out on his own. Eventually, this stage, for almost every cuck, develops into a more sexually satisfying experience — to sit back and fantasize about his wife with somebody else. His imagination takes over and drives him mad with desire if he can truly enjoy being the submissive one in the marriage. The Loving and Willing Model Cuck Since you are reading this you have, more than likely, already reached this stage of cuckolding. This model of cuck is the type of husband that fantasizes constantly about his wife having sex with other men.

He might have also attempted talking her into it. This type of cuck clearly knows where he stands in terms of being teased and ridiculed by his wife having sex with another man. He loves it when she comes home and divulges all of the juicy details of the sordid love affair that she just had. She may, however, grant him the ability to have an orgasm. This type of cuck is deeply turned on and aroused by the fact that his wife just went and had sex with another man. He feels that she has absolute sexual power over him and would not even consider it to be any other way.

When she returns home from her affairs is usually when this type of cuck feels the most intense sense of arousal. An important aspect of the willing cuck is the fact that the two remain equals in the relationship when outside of the bedroom. Their sexual roles are where they strip off the masks or put them on and get to explore their deepest and darkest fantasies. The highest majority of these cucks are husbands that exhibit some sort of executive control or at least hold high-power positions in the workforce.

They have a large sense of duty and responsibility in their daily lives and therefore enjoy it when their wives take over and wield the reigns when it comes to sex. While this type of cuck is the most common and is comfortable with being submissive to his wife, he typically just enjoys watching and masturbating in the corner. He may even prefer to watch from another room, like through a peephole for instance.

He can also enjoy filming it so that he can watch it later and then relive the fantasy over and over. This type of cuck, at this level, has no desire to actively be part of the intercourse with the bull. The Pansy Model Cuck. 10 Not every man reaches this level of cucking. This is when the cuck gets to explore his feminine side. He looks forward to being thoroughly humiliated by the bull being with his wife. Women with cucks of this nature often seek out bulls that are extremely masculine and well-endowed. This in a complete opposite archetype than that of her Pansy Model cuck.

This model of cuck also has clearly expressed his desire to be a part of the sexual affair. Only, instead of being with his wife, he wants to be with the bull.

How to get your wife to cuckold you

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How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold You