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The moniker Land of Enchantment is proudly displayed upon New Mexico plates, and for good reason. This article tells you how and where to find even more hot springs in New Mexico. Each spot highlighted here includes hints on soaking etiquette, water temperature, what to expect when you get there and very important information on nudity in the springs.

Again, we first mention how to easily visit three Taos hot springs in one day. In particular, pay close attention to our driving directions to Manby Hot Springs in Taos; we tell you the best road to take for visiting these beautiful riverside soaking pools!

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Following Taos we include a good variety of hot springs in New Mexico to choose from, so keep reading and find your perfect spot! We suggest looking at Hotels. Find a last-minute bargain at a boutique hotel, romantic inn or a familiar national chain. Book with Hotels. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to products and services whereby we receive a nominal commission if you new mexico nudes a purchase through one of these links.

This comes at no extra cost to you. Please see our Disclaimer for full information. Taos is situated in a beautiful area of Northern New Mexico. Aside from the historical and cultural draw of this town, we encourage you to seek out some of the scenic drives in the area. Stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the cool mountain air will likely entice you to visit the three Taos hot springs located nearby.

Again, all three can easily be visited in one day. The first three hot springs listed below lie just beyond town; one to the south and two more to the north. Getting to Manby Hot Springs requires a drive on a formidable dirt road. Be aware heavy rain and snow makes this road difficult to traverse.

The remaining hot springs near Taos are accessible over more favourable ro. Look for detailed directions and road considerations regarding each below.

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Visit both of these easily in several hours. Turn left onto County Road B approximately 5. After 2. This stretch quickly deteriorates, so proceed with great caution. Continue beyond a indicating the Dobson House to a fork in the road; head left. Continue further until you reach a very large parking area for the hot springs. Follow the hiking trail about. From the parking area a 20 to minute hike le down into the gorge. This hike is steep and narrow, along an unmaintained path — wear hiking boots or trail shoes with proper ankle support and be prepared for this trail to the hot springs. Manby requires considerable effort to get to and may be less frequented than nearby Black New mexico nudes Hot Springs see below.

Luckily, we had dry conditions on our drive to Manby Hot Springs. A 4-wheel drive is advantageous on this road, however most vehicles should be able to manage this under dry conditions. Wet or dry ro aside, expect a badly uneven surface with ificant ruts and dips; take it slow and know the capabilities of your vehicle. The location of Manby Hot Springs is absolutely stunning! Each pool varies slightly in temperature.

Lay back and enjoy towering views of the Rio Grande Gorge as it looms overhead whilst listening to the babbling and rushing of the river as it tumbles over rocks and pushes through this incredible natural backdrop. Clothing Optional: Yes, however always use discretion based on others using the hot spring pools. Camping: No deated sites exist here, however we observed a tent in the parking area during our visit.

Please be mindful this is a residential area; we suspect camping is prohibited in the parking area. Toilets: Manby Hot Springs featured a clean porta-potty at the parking area during our visit. It seems strange that the pools bear reference to a name Manby that holds a sinister notoriety within Taos.

Arthur Manby was a swindling conniver whose renown for illicit dealings has earned him an immoral and immortal reputation. One of his schemes was the bathhouse he constructed on land he never actually owned, now known as Manby Hot Springs. Manby operated a brothel and general store for the convenience of visitors to his bathhouse as well. He came to a mysterious demise, decapitated in his home in As the alternative name Stagecoach suggests, there is a bit of history to these pools. As you look across the river you will see the remainders of the old retaining walls of a stagecoach road, switchbacking up the embankment.

It seems unfathomable a stagecoach ever made it down here! Turn left on County Road B approximately 5. County Road B makes a sharp right after 2. This road immediately turns left and he uphill after John Dunn Bridge. The parking area for Black Rock Hot Springs is just beyond, located at the first switchback of this road.

Expect a steep downhill gradient with no guardrails — pay attention on this road and take your time getting to the hot springs. Black Rock Hot Springs have two pools but river conditions must be right to access them both. During our visit the river was too high and engulfed one of the pools.

The only accessible pool during our visit fit six adults snugly. Clothing Optional: Yes, however always be discreet while around certain company; use your best judgement in these cases. Toilets: Pit toilets are located at John Dunn Bridge Recreational Site, a popular area for fishing, hiking, biking, swimming etc. Route soon forks again at Miranda Canyon Road; take this fork left. Just after this fork is a parking area on the left.

Directly across from the parking area is a gate going across another road; walk around this gate. The road soon makes a sharp turn left and continues straight for several hundred feet, where a small clearing appears. At this point is a path just off the right side of the road; continue on this path for several minutes to Ponce de Leon Hot Springs. The short gravel road portion of the drive to Ponce de Leon Hot Springs is in quite good condition. Expect only washboard surfaces along certain stretches of this road. A short walk from the gated area brings you to what was once new mexico nudes health resort.

Your first glimpse of this abandoned spa is an empty Olympic size swimming pool filled with weeds and cattails today. The remaining soaking pools, filled with steamy water, are just beyond this. There are three accessible pools at Ponce de Leon Hot Springs with an on-site sacred pool which is off limits to the general public. This pool, cordoned off behind a wooden palisade fence, is for tribal use only.

The water is crystal clear and the pools feature gravel bottoms. The two main pools, i. The shallow pool off to the side is only about a foot deep. Camping: No. This is strictly a day-use area on New mexico nudes Pueblo property.

Respect the posted rules. Although the water here is tepid rather than hot, these pool new mexico nudes absolutely mesmerizing. Ponce de Leon Hot Springs are like an enigma in the middle of nowhere. The name of this spot is deftly attributed to the conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon, the first governor of Puerto Rico, who allegedly searched for The Fountain of Youth. From research gleaned online we learned Ponce de Leon Hot Springs was a resort back ineventually closing and then falling into a state of decay and disrepair.

That decay adds to the appeal of this odd oasis in the woods. After decades of existing in limbo, legal ownership of this land parcel was transferred from Taos Land Trust to Taos Pueblo in July, Public access is granted by Taos Pueblo in accordance with their posted etiquette rules. Just past Montezuma are parking areas on the shoulder of NM Route 65; look for several s on the right side of the road behind the guardrails.

You will likely see other vehicles parked here. Also, look for the brick remains of an old ice house which once served Montezuma Castle, perched on the hillside to the right as you approach the village. Soaking here leaves you feeling like a happy boneless chicken!

Cool off in Gallinas Creek which flows just below the hot spring pools.

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The first three pools at Montezuma Hot Springs are clustered together. Most noteworthy is The Lobster Potflanked by two smaller and much shallower pools. These three pools are found at the entrance, several yards from the side of NM Route A path links to several outlying pools a bit further from the road. Most noteworthy of these is The Toasterwhich is about five feet deep. Near The Toaster are several more pools and an old bathhouse structure, also containing a pool. The Toaster clocked in at an incredibly toasty It was on this later visit we finally braved the heat and took the plunge into the aptly named Bagel Slot.

Clothing Optional: No, clothing is mandatory at Montezuma Hot Springs and is clearly stated on the at the entrance. Camping: Day use only.

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A new mexico nudes parking area for about 10 vehicles marks the trailhead to Spence Hot Springs. The minute hike to the springs is on a well maintained trail. This easy hike descends and crosses San Antonio Creek, then ascends to the springs. Bathers will find two big pools here. The upper pool features a cave big enough to wade into. This would make a perfect steam sauna if the water was hot enough. The bottoms of each pool at Spence Hot Springs is a combination of mud and gravel. This is a hot spring New Mexico folks certainly frequented in the past, including us when we lived in Albuquerque over 20 years ago.

Unfortunately, our most recent visit left us sad — the water here is considerably more tepid than it used to be…. Easy access to Spence Hot Springs means this is a highly trafficked sitelikely contributing to their overall demise.

New mexico nudes

National Forest land, you can be cited by rangers if caught bathing nude at Spence Hot Springs. However, many folk take their chances and bathe nude here anyway. National Forest Land. We stayed at Redondo Campground on several occasions. Visit the U.

National Forest website for more information on camping in this area. This stunning spot is about a minute drive north of the hot springs on NM Route 4. A small parking area with a gate across Forest Service Road is on the right. The gate is usually open from April through November, however the springs are accessible all year. See details on the road to San Antonio Hot Springs below. For high clearance vehicles, expect a very deteriorated dirt road with mud puddles, large rocks and deep ruts. High clearance vehicles traversing this road must then park at a deated area and hike 15 minutes from the lot to San Antonio Hot Springs.

This road features a slight elevation gain at new mexico nudes beginning but is quite level beyond that. San Antonio Hot Springs are located on a hillside where a steep but short hike to the pools is required. In our opinion this is the best hot spring New Mexico has to offer!

New mexico nudes

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