Action Leadership

Prof David Hogg (Action Chair)

University of Leeds, UK

Research Interests: Activity analysis from video, categorisation, tracking, segmentation and motion modelling, integration of vision within a broader cognitive framework that includes audition, language, action, and reasoning.

Related Research Projects:

Dr Anja Belz (Founding Action Chair)

University of Brighton, UK

Research Interests: Formal models of natural language, computational learning, natural language processing (NLP), evaluation methodologies for NLP, image description for visually impaired people, integration of vision and language computing.

Related Research Projects: EPSRC (UK) Network on Vision and Language

Marie-Francine Moens (Scientific Coordinator)

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Research Interests: Visual action recognition grammars

Related Research Projects: Poeticon – A computational mechanism for generalisation and generation of new behaviours in robots, Multimodal Signal and Event Processing In Perception and Cognition

Gholamreza Anbarjafari [Shahab] (Deputy Scientific Coordinator)

Tartu Ülikooli, Estonia

Research Interests: Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics

Related Research Projects: PUT638: Enhancing Human-Computer Interaction using Multimodal Emotion Recognition based on Gesture, Face, and Speech; Retexturing of images and garment 3D model creation; 3D Head Scan Using Mobile Phones; Age and Gender estimation; Image matching for damage detection on rental cars; Automatic drawing

Katerina Pastra (Action Vice Chair, WG1 Leader)

Cognitive Systems Research Institute, Greece

Research Interests: Cognitive computational modeling of vision-language integration

Related Research Projects: POETICON++, GEOTHINK, COGNIMUSE

Frank Keller (WG1 Deputy Leader)

University of Edinburgh, UK

Research Interests: Natural language processing, parsing, cognitive modeling, computational psycholinguistics, visual cognition, eye-tracking, image parsing

Related Research Projects: Synchronous Linguistic and Visual Processing

Sergio Escalera (WG1 Deputy Leader)

University of Barcelona, Spain

Research Interests: Visual and computational learning, object recognition, human pose recovery and behavior analysis, eHealth systems

Related Research Projects: ChaLearn Looking at People, Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia

Lucia Specia (WG2 and WG5 Leader)

University of Sheffield, UK

Research Interests: Natural language processing, Multimodal context models for language output applications, Machine translation, Quality evaluation and estimation of machine translation and other language applications, Text adaptation, especially text simplification, text similarity metrics and applications, such as text reuse and plagiarism detection.

Related Research Projects: Quality Translation 21, Cracker, EXPERT

Adrian Muscat (WG2 Deputy Leader)

University of Malta, Malta

Research Interests: Optimisation, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Multimedia Signal Processing, Modelling and Simulation, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Computer Automated Assessment, Microstrip Intelligent Computer Aided Engineering, Human Machine Interfaces.

Related Research Projects:

Mehmet Erkut Erdem (WG3 Leader)

Hacettepe University, Turkey

Research Interests: Computer vision, machine learning, low-level vision

Related Research Projects: The Use of Multiple Cues and Contextual Knowledge in Computer Vision, Understanding Images and Visualizing Text

Tinne Tuytelaars (WG4 Leader)

KU Leuven, Belgium

Research Interests: Computer Vision, using textual information as weak supervision for object recognition / image understanding

Related Research Projects: PARIS – Personalised Advertisements built from Web Sources, COGNIMUND – Cognitive Image Understanding Image represntations and multimodal learning

François Bremond (WG4 Deputy Leader)

INRIA, France

Research Interests: Video understanding, scene understanding, event recognition, behaviour analysis, activity monitoring, multi-sensor fusion

Related Research Projects: Activity Recognition, Neural Tracking Project , Multi-sensors Analysis for Everyday Elderly Activity Monitoring

Luísa Coheur (WG4 Deputy Leader)

Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

Research Interests: Spoken Language Understanding, dialogue systems, question/answering

Related Research Projects: PT-STAR, FALACOMIGO, SpeDial, INSIDE

Raffaella Bernardi (Equalities Coordinator)

University of Trento (UniTN)

Research Interests: Formal and distributional semantics; cognitively inspired computational models of language and vision integration; evaluation tasks for such computational models.

Related Research Projects: LaVi – Language and Vision

Jordi Gonzalez (STMS Coordinator)

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Research Interests: Large-scale image classification, recognition of human actions in image sequences, natural-language description of behaviours in video, search and retrieval of concepts in images

Related Research Projects: DiCoMa – Disaster Control Management

Stefanos Vrochidis (Interaction Coordinator)

Centre for Research and Technology, Informatics and Telematics Institute, Greece

Research Interests: Multimedia retrieval

Related Research Projects: Multisensor

William Smith (Dissemination Coordinator)

Department of Computer Science, University of York, UK

Research Interests: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Related Research Projects: 

Gokberk Cinbis (Deputy Dissemination Coordinator)

Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey

Research Interests: Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Related Research Projects: Learning with weak supervision