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ALL the sexy details from volhotwife14 on her play date today. Needless to say that lucky guy is hoping to come back for more ASAP! A woman that sexy and that kinky is hard to find. Why do you think I married her?? The details of their time together are insanely hot! As you can see, she was a VERY bad girl for him. And I love it. This guy is my faaaavorite! We thought this would be the perfect time to play with her new Lush 3.

She was at a bar with her friends trying to hide her TWO!! We lost connection for a bit, but got it back and got the job done. It may be a little bit all over the place because we were both pretty drunk at this time as I was on a golf trip and she was out with friends.

I tried to piece this together as best as possible for how old it is, but you get the gist of it. We were both VERY turned on at the fantasy of her getting pregnant by my friend who we had a threesome with. I had this kinky thought in my head and finally let it out when I had some drinks.

Another insanely hot day-date for volhotwife These texts tell a good portion of the story. They spent a LOT of time together and it felt like an eternity. When he finally left, she came to get me and brought me to our bedroom. The bed was a mess- evidence of the fun they just had. She stripped off what little clothes she had on and laid down, spreading her legs for me.

I kissed her and then immediately went down to start licking her pussy. I could easily tell she had just been fucked. As I was licking her soaking wet pussy she did tell me that she let him fuck her ass. And that he filled her ass with his cum. I immediately let my tongue slip down to her recently fucked asshole and made sure it was soaking wet. I slid my cock into her pussy, and it slid in so easily. Just knowing why was enough to sexting on tumblr me have to stop to hold back.

Then I pulled out of her pussy and pushed the tip of my cock against her ass.

She asked if I wanted to fuck it too. I gently pushed in and it slid in way easier than I ever have before. I fucked her for a bit sexting on tumblr way but I could tell she was sore. He was not as gentle with her. So I cleaned off my cock and went back to pounding her pussy before unloading my cum inside her.

Then she had to rush out the door and I was left to think about how fucking sexy my hotwife is. Later that day I got a message from him, sending me videos of him fucking her ass. Immediately I was amazed as I saw her hand with her wedding ring on as she was spreading her ass for his cock. I actually got to see him cum in her ass and it flowing out of her once he finished emptying his balls inside her.

Needless to say, we went for round 2 later that night. What a fucking day!! As you can see I was pretty quiet since it was an extremely busy work day. I was able to break away briefly to taste her pussy and fuck her one more time after he left. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Simply an awesome exchange of texts from one seriously hot wife. She just got home. Debrief of such a sexy evening!! One of our fave flashbacks.

Sexting on tumblr

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