Shiny nipples

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Type 1 — Puffy Nipple Characterized by a bulging, shiny areola and an over projecting nipple.

Shiny nipples

Puffy nipple is caused by swelling of this excess breast tissue. This swollen tissue causes the areola to bulge, enlarge and become shiny. It may be painful which means that the gynecomastia tissue is actively inflamed. Puffy nipple occurs primarily when the patient is hot or emotional.

Shiny nipples

Patients often describe how it goes away when they get cold, pinch their nipple, or when they come out of a pool. It is caused by the swelling of excess breast tissue located directly below the nipple. This swollen breast tissue makes wearing a tight T-shirt almost impossible and going shirtless embarrassing.

For body builders, it disrupts the masculine, defined look they work so hard to achieve. It is often seen in body builders. Incisions are limited to the areola which fade away quickly and are not noticeable. The biggest challenge is to know exactly how much breast tissue to remove to prevent recurrence.

Teenagers are often most severely effected. They become withdrawn. Avoids normal shirtless activities common for this age group. They become uncomfortable with their body during this critical formative period. A period when everyone questions their body image and peers have no filter when it comes to pointing it out.

Emotional issues associated with gynecomastia go far beyond other imperfections such as obesity, pimples, bad hair, etc. It brings the whole question of masculinity into the mindset. Body builders are a unique subset that we often see.

A classification system is only useful if it outlines a treatment plan. Based on over gynecomastia surgeries, Dr. Cruise has classified gynecomastia into is 6 different types. Each type is different in many ways and must be treated differently. The purpose of the Cruise Classification System is:. Notice the progressive increase in skin laxity.

This excess skin will change the type of surgery necessary to properly correct the problem. Type 1 gynecomastia will have tight skin. This allows the skin to wrap around the pectoralis border in a straight line because there is little or no breast tissue blurring the muscle definition. Shiny nipples 2 does have breast tissue extending over muscle border. This causes chest fold rounding.

Aka — Puffy Nipple. Skin excess Moderate skin excess — creates horizontal shiny nipples fold not rounded. Characterized by Puffy Nipple. Patients are typically young, thin with a straight, well defined pectoralis muscle. This tissue is what creates Puffy Nipple. Unfortunately, the clinical definition for optimal for gynecomastia is virtually non-existent; even in plastic surgery literature. Type 1 does not necessary mean easiest. In fact, Type 1 patients are very particular and do not tolerate complications such as persistent Puffy Nipple, cratering, contour irregularities, etc.

Shiny nipples

Type 1 patients are typically in very good physical shape to begin. Their Puffy Nipple is the often only thing that bothers them. However, there are many variations of Type 1 gynecomastia. Achieving optimal and avoiding complications requires both expertise and a plan. The most common cause of poor outcomes is not having this plan. Unfortunately, gynecomastia treatment has never been given the same attention that most other plastic surgery procedures.

This over-sight is the reason Dr. Cruise has created this site. To create the infrastructure for both patients and surgeons to advance gynecomastia treatment. A plan is like using Google maps. First you have to know where you are.

Then, where you want to go; only then can you determine the best way to go. The Cruise Classification system describes where you are, result you are looking for. The answer is actually very difficult to find.

Compared to other medical conditions, clinically relevant information is not available. Even plastic surgeons are often vague as to what is the best way to evaluate and treat. To simplify this, Dr. Cruise outlines the 8 areas of the upper body that need to be considered to provide a surgical road map that will predictably achieve your optimal.

As a patient, you do not need shiny nipples know all the nuances but you do need to make sure that shiny nipples and your gyncomastia surgeon know in detail what your goals are and make sure both of you are on the same. Gynecomastia treatment has not been given the same attention as other procedures despite the tremendous burden associated with it.

Shiny nipples

The silver lining is that the patient satisfaction from properly performed gynecomastia surgery is beyond what words can describe. It is the reason Dr. Cruise has dedicated his career to advancing its cause. The only requirements are dedication and shiny nipples planning. With this in mind, please ignore the information that is beyond what you are interested in.

Just know that there is a bigger, common purpose; to provide a platform solely deed to achieve optimal to a problem that has lived in darkness. Ideally, the nipple should be cm above shiny nipples pec. However, it is perfectly acceptable even if it is located directly on the border as long as it sits on a convex not concave surface.

This is particularly true with body builders or men with large pec. However, when it sits below the pec. The areola is the dark, pigmented skin around the nipple. Areola size is proportionate to chest size. Ideally, it should mm and lay flush with the surrounding skin. However, slight elevation is common. Most people do not consciously realize it but areolas are usually wider than they are tall. This is particularly relevant with types 4,5 and 6 which usually require reducing and re-positioning the nipple with a free nipple graft.

A protruding nipple is common with puffy nipple due to the pressure from the swollen breast tissue below. However, there are situations where the nipple is simply enlarged.

Shiny nipples

Fortunately, reducing the nipple by excision is straight forward, low cost, little down time and very effective. Overall, a masculine chest is full and powerful. While muscle definition is important, it is best to keep the chest area above the areola normal thickness. The goal is to create a V shape from both the back and front view. Ideally, the pectoralis major muscle should be defined and straight with the skin wrapping around it into a well defined chest fold and then into a defined arm pit hollow.

Should shiny nipples sculpted appearance with a well define hollow at its apex. The borders of the pec.

Shiny nipples

Creating a sculpted axilla and a V shape appearance to the upper body is one of the most rewarding parts of gynecomastia surgery yet it is usually overlooked as not being part of the gynecomastia. It is important for your surgeon to understand that the goal of surgery is to create a V shaped, masculine chest and not just to remove breast shiny nipples.

While this is true for all types it is particularly relevant for types 4,5 and 6. I can not tell you have powerful the are when you create a sculpted pec. It is truly shiny nipples changing. Ideally, there should not be any fat pockets. There are three common fat pockets that need to be evaluated and removed if present. They blur pec. Should not be present. Breast rolls represent saggy skin under the arm pit. Flattening the chest and not correcting breast rolls actually makes the breast rolls more noticeable and creates a disproportionate look to the upper body.

They represent saggy skin that goes all the way around to the back. Optimal surgical treatment requires removing all the excess skin in a degree fashion. Often seen with massive weight loss patients. Accurate classification and accurate assessment of patient goals This is, by far, the most important pieces of information you absolutely need to know.

For example, body builders often have different goals than say the high school teenager. Shorter incision vs optimal chest shape The epic battle between youthful, well defined chest shape vs minimal incisions. This is such an important topic, Dr. Cruise devotes a good portion of his consultation time going over your options. However, some incisions are better than others.

Shiny nipples

This is most applicable to body builders with very low set nipples.

Shiny nipples

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