Spanking wife story

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A knot twisted in her stomach. Her ribs pressed against the boning of her corset as she filled her lungs and blew out her breath. He frowned at the date on the bill and then looked up, eyes blazing. She winced, shocked back into good sense. It was a foolish thing to do. Comprehension dawned on his face. Her fingers had trembled as she unfolded one of the letters, scanning for a date. Harry appeared entirely unconcerned. I went to university and she married a village boy. Her heart had slammed against her ribs.

Seeing her defiance, he pointed back at the dresser and raised an eyebrow. He looked at her now, considering, the angles of his face still hardened from anger. He did not repeat himself, but merely leveled her with a stare that turned the soles of her feet itchy. She whirled with a toss of her hair and marched out spanking wife story the room, defiantly obedient. She thrust the bundle of letters into his hand, the skin of her face tightened with emotion. He flung them spanking wife story the fire without a word. She spun around to witness their demise, surprised at this unexpected turn.

Silence stretched between them as she stared at the curling s, sensing his gaze upon her. A tug on her wrist pulled her down into his lap. I did not mean to hurt you with those. I thought you knew that you are the only woman I have ever loved. Her eyes filled with tears, but pride made her look stubbornly away. He caught her face and turned it, tenderness in his gaze.

I apologize. She means nothing to me—it was a fond memory of coming into my manhood, but I can see how keeping those letters would offend you. Her chin quivered and she lowered it to hide the betrayal of emotion, but his hand cupped and lifted it. He leaned back on the settee, his fingers interlaced around her waist. She chewed her lip. Was this a real question? Or rhetorical? She stole a glance at his handsome face.

He seemed to be awaiting an answer. His lips twitched but he shook his head. Not a very small one. You disobeyed me and you lied. It was the lie that most offended me. He nodded. He wrapped an arm around her to guide her out, as if he knew that her knees wobbled beneath her.

Spanking wife story

When they reached their room, he turned her around and unhooked her dress and corset. The air in the room seemed to leave with him. With effort, she made the statue of her body move, stripping her clothing and bending over the bed as he commanded, cringing at the vulnerability of her position, her bared bottom facing the door so that anyone who entered or who was passing by when her husband entered might see it.

Harry fetched a large wooden spoon from the kitchen, earning shocked looks from the cook and serving girl. He opened the bedroom spanking wife story and drew in his breath at the intoxicating sight of his wife prostrate over the bed. It was this very view that had tempted him into taking her before they married, adding to the scandal surrounding their engagement.

His Lady Westerfield was maddening and frustrating and absolutely adorable. He loved her with his whole heart, and he regretted that his actions had hurt her. He shut the door and stood behind her, running his hand over the soft skin of her bottom.

He chuckled. You can put them on and prance around for me.

Spanking wife story

Do you know what they do to horses to make them show better? It makes them step lively. I imagine it will make for a memorable experience. He smothered a laugh and gave her bottom a slap, the sound echoing through the room as her body absorbed the impact. He gave her several more slaps with his hand and then switched to the spoon, applying it swiftly, the small surface area making it necessary to repeat the blows in close proximity to cover the lower half of her bottom.

After twenty smacks, Kitty reached back with both hands, covering her reddened cheeks, forcing him to stop short to avoid striking her fingers.

Spanking wife story

He lowered his aim and smacked spanking wife story backs of her thighs instead, earning a howl of protest. Kitty scrambled up, looking remorseful. He smiled and had to steel himself not to go soft on her. After letting her wait for several minutes, he stood behind her. It took great restraint not to explore her bare breasts or stroke her silky skin, but her punishment was not finished. She obeyed, lifting her hips in the humbling position, her knees spread to reveal the tender pink heart of her sex. He closed his eyes to marshal his resolve and then began to reapply the spoon to her backside, the backs of her thighs, and even the tender flesh of her inner thighs.

She yelped and whimpered, but true to her promise, held still like a good girl. When the fifty strokes had been duly applied, he left her in position a few extra minutes to suffer in humiliation and anticipation of further punishment. When he touched her back, she jumped. He pulled her to her side and kicked off his shoes to curl his body around hers. She took his hand and pulled it up to cover her breast, holding it place with her own. He chuckled and pinched her nipple. The tears she had not wept during her spanking now welled in her eyes. That they had come with his apology and not with his punishment made his heart constrict.

Get it all out. He nuzzled her neck and she looked up at him, eyelashes wet, but eyes hungry. He reached around spanking wife story cupped her bottom, feeling the heat from her spanking. Do you know what happens to naughty wives with sore bottoms? Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog. You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing. Yes, we will be doing this again. Visit any of the participating blogs on Thursday, June 27th to find out the lucky winners. Will it be you? Loved this, Renee! Great story:. Have you ever acted out even though you knew it would get you in trouble?

Yes, I have! Sometimes it's hard to contain it and not justify it when I'm feeling particularly frustrated or hurt. I completely sympathized. I enjoyed this story immensely! Great story. I thought he was going to make her read the letters again so I loved it when he burned them instead. Great story as usual. I think most subs act once in a while. Will it be funishment or punishment? I can definitely sympathize with Kitty. I would act out just to see if he would follow through.

I loved this story. This 'extra' was great. I was a little worried that he'd keep those letters but so happy he burned them.

Spanking wife story

LOL, I liked it when she tried to get away with the bill by lying about when she bought the dresses and I loved Lord Westerfield's apparent shock when he saw the date. Yes, but usually nothing happens to me. Really enjoyed the excerpt!! Oh I can certainly sympathize spanking wife story Kitty. I am not much on getting back at someone as I am pouting about it until I drive them crazy!

I bought this book and was trying to save it for the trip. Don't know if I will be able to hold back now. This snippet along with the others is very tantalizing. Acting out of spite? Who would do that? I can honestly say I empathize with Kitty, making a rash decision in anger, and then feeling awful about it after you've had time to think about it. The most annoying thing my husband does though, is recognize that I've acted out of spite and remains completely unfazed by whatever I did.

Spanking wife story

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Spanked wife